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Chief Data Officer at Updata One, CEO at Identrics

Speaker Vladimir Petkov

Vladimir Petkov

Vladimir's professional path has always been related to data and innovation. He gained six years of experience in digital media and business development at Economedia, Bulgaria’s top news publisher. After that, he continued his journey as a chief technology officer at A Data Pro, a global company specializing in content, data, and business intelligence services. Since 2016, Vladimir has been CEO at Identrics, and now he is also Chief Data Officer at the newly established business community of Updata One.

In addition to his extensive professional experience in the data and innovation industry, Vladimir Petkov is also deeply involved in AI development and implementation. He strongly advocates for the ethical standards that should be followed in the AI-driven world and believes in the importance of creating transparent, unbiased, and inclusive AI.

Besides his professional life, Vlado is a podcast producer and host and delivers lectures on online business and digital media-related topics at various universities. He is also one of the FIBEP Media Intelligence Explained podcast hosts.