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Research fellow, London Metropolitan University

Speaker Viktor Sowinski-Mydlarz

Viktor Sowinski-Mydlarz

Dr Viktor Sowinski-Mydlarz is a research fellow of the Cyber Security Research Centre and a lecturer in Computer Science and Applied Computing at SCDM. He has graduated London Metropolitan University twelve years ago with a degree in Computer Science. After completing an MSc course in Computer Science and Networking at South-Bank University he spent several years maintaining a clinical system in NHS in London before rejoining LondonMet as a postdoc researcher. Viktor became instrumental in several of the projects of the Cyber Security Research Centre in collaboration with Lloyds Bank, which also resulted in completion of his own PhD on security threats mitigation using methods of AI. Viktor has published a number of articles on cyber security, hybrid intelligence and visualization and is a co-author of two book chapters dedicated to hybrid intelligence and data platforms on the cloud. He is also a researcher with the GATE Institute at Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski”.