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Research fellow, London Metropolitan University

Speaker Pawel Gasiorowski

Pawel Gasiorowski

Dr Pawel Gasiorowski is a research fellow of the Cyber Security Research Centre and a lecturer in Computer Science and Applied Computing at SCDM. He graduated from London Metropolitan University a decade ago with a first-class degree in Computer Science and rejoined academia as a postdoc researcher and part-time PhD student. Pawel has significant practical experience and deep insight into everything graphical. His seminal article on simulation-based video analytics won the best paper award at the prestigious VISUAL conference in Venice. The results of his research were also reported at the World Congress in Computer Science in Las Vegas. For several years, he has been working on video analytics in real-time at the Cyber Security Research Centre. He is also a module leader of the Computer Vision module, which is a core for both MSc AI and MSc Robotics and AI courses of SCDM. He possesses extensive industry experience and is a computer software engineer by training with a strong emphasis on Data Science, Machine Learning, Computer Graphics and Engineering. He holds a PhD in simulation-based analysis and modelling from London Metropolitan University, UK.